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Company Set Up

Looking to establish your presence overseas? Global Bridges offers Japanese companies a turn-key solution for setting up a subsidiary company in the Netherlands from the ground up. An international orientation, a plethora of financial incentives at your disposal, attractive corporate tax laws, and the Dutch’s open attitude, good command of the English language, and high spending power are only a few of the factors that make The Netherlands a favorable homebase for your European operations. Global Bridges coordinates the “bridge-building process” from planning to construction, by


  • Dealing with the legal proceedings involved with establishing a “B.V.” (private limited company),

  • Taking care of payroll, HR, and tax services

  • Helping you get started building your network and finding valuable partners

We also serve as a considerate sparring partner through every step of the way, easing you into the process and getting you up to speed with what it means to conduct business in The Netherlands and on to the path to operational success.

Channel Partner Development

Are you trying to expand your overseas sales network, but experiencing difficulties understanding your foreign distributors or agents due to cultural and linguistic differences? Or are you perhaps having trouble finding channel partners to begin with due to lack of a pre-existing network? Global Bridges can not only support your business by offering advise and linguistic support, but open the door to entirely new business opportunities by researching and mapping out the market conditions on either side of the bridge or connecting you directly to our network. We have a vast network throughout the Netherlands and Japan across numerous sectors and know both cultures inside-out. We guarantee accurate and professional advice.

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Scouting Service

Global Bridges still takes pride in the services it originally set out to provide: researching and reporting on the most recent developments in both European and Japanese (environmental) technologies and legislative developments, and the business opportunities they provide. We have done so for a great variety of clients, including large trading corporations and tech companies, NPOs and governmental institutions. With new global challenges presenting themselves on the daily, Global Bridges aims to keeps evolving, providing you with to the point, no-nonsense and up to date reports. Our primary strength lies in capturing the essence of exactly those factors that matter to you and your business.

Curious about how we work?

Want to know who we worked with?

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