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Chrysalix Carbon Neutrality Fund

Carbon neutrality has become an organizing principle for many businesses, but getting there will require innovation and investing in new technologies. Many of these technologies are either in early adoption of not yet commercially available. Carbon neutral also represents an important value creation opportunity, provided a value creation strategy is in place to decarbonize the existing asset base, enter new markets and develop low carbon products. 

Global Bridges collaborates with Chrysalix, a global Venture Capital firm with a long history of industrial innovation and sustainability, to launch the carbon neutrality fund to support the carbon neutral targets of resource intensive industries. The fund is Chrysalix’s 5th fund and the 4th fund with its Industry 4.0 focus already has an important participation from Japanese Limited partners and a top tier financial performance. 

Participating in the carbon neutrality fund has the following advantages: 

  • High visibility on the best technologies and start ups globally 

  • Access to the unique global Chrysalix ecosystem, with its knowledge partners like universities, Lux research and the Rocky Mountain Institute, financial – growth – investors, the other industrial partners in the fund and present and past (co) investors

  • Strong engagement process that includes; monthly meetings, incentive challenge process and secondments at Chrysalix offices in North America and Europe

  • Strategic and financial value, that go hand in hand

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